Steps to Begin A Monitoring Program


  • Contact our office by Phone or E-mail
  • Schedule Your Installation/Set Up Appointment
    • Be sure to speak with our agent regarding payment options, necessary paperwork for installation, or requirements ie: phone line, ethernet, wireless etc.
  • Review our frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Installation appointment
    • Please come prepared with questions. The entire process will take roughly 30 minutes or less.
  • Sign the Participant Agreement
    • You will be required to sign and comply with all terms of the Participant Agreement. Please read through the entire agreement



Monitoring Fees will be dependent on factors such as referring agency and program. Please be sure to discuss payment options with your agent at enrollment. We ask that a valid debit or credit is placed on file at installation. Any other arrangements must be made in person with a representative.

 Cash, Money Order, or all Major Debit and Credit accepted 

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